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"The world is not a static place, and we must not be static in our thinking." – Eleanor Roosevelt

The theme of this year's Model United Nations (MUN) conference, "Impact of Colonialism on Contemporary Society," delves into the enduring effects of colonialism and its multifaceted impacts on today's world. This compelling and pertinent theme is set to be explored through the lens of three distinct committees, each tasked with debating different perspectives and solutions related to the overarching theme. The conference will take place from July 10-12, 2024

The General Assembly Sixth Committee (GA6) is poised to tackle the critical issue of "Ensuring economic independence through reworking the ownership of natural resources in former colonies." This debate will focus on addressing the historical injustices and economic disparities resulting from colonialism. The committee will explore proposals for redefining the ownership and control of natural resources, aiming to foster economic independence and sustainable development in former colonies.

The Junior Committee will engage in discussions on "Ensuring worker’s rights in delocalised multinational companies." This topic is particularly relevant in the context of globalization and the modern economy, where multinational corporations often operate across various jurisdictions. The focus will be on creating frameworks to protect the rights of workers in countries that host these multinational companies, many of which are former colonies. This debate seeks to bridge the gap between developed and developing nations, ensuring fair treatment and equitable conditions for workers globally.

Lastly, the Security Council will delve into the "Conflict between Guyana and Venezuela," a pressing regional security issue deeply influenced by territorial disputes and historical tensions. This discussion will examine the complex geopolitical landscape surrounding the Essequibo region, considering the colonial legacies and the impact of national interests. The committee will work towards formulating strategies to stabilize the situation, promote peaceful resolutions, and address the underlying factors contributing to the ongoing conflict.

This year's MUN conference theme encourages a profound examination of the lasting impacts of colonialism, fostering a comprehensive understanding among delegates. By addressing these varied and complex issues, participants will engage in meaningful debates that not only highlight the challenges but also pave the way for innovative solutions to build a more equitable and just global society.

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