Model United Nations


Lena Müller


If you are able to answer these questions in the affirmative there is only one thing you can do: Join the Model United Nations Club at John-Lennon-Gymnasium.

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Model United Nations is an extra curricular activity where you assume the role of a country or organisation represented in the United Nations and debate issues concerning the world. Besides encouraging debate and sharing of views between you and students from different schools and of different ethnicities the Ultimate goal of an MUN Conference is to promote awareness of international relations and to inspire global mindedness.

During the last two school years, JLG sent students to three MUN conferences (MUNoH, BerMUN2 and GloMUN) representing the interests of various countries. The delegates worked from 9 am to 5 pm in their committees and councils to argue, debate and negotiate solutions which, finally, had to be presented and voted on in the General Assembly. Planning this school year, we are looking forward to our next conferences in September 2019, March 2020 and May 2020.


The MUN club at John-Lennon-Gymnasium meets every Tuesday from 14:05 - 15:35 in room 203 and welcomes students from year 8-11. If you are interested contact B. Bergmann via it's learning or via email ( 

Come and join the debate!

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