School Profile

The school profile of John Lennon Secondary School is defined by three values: achievement, open-mindedness and a friendly learning atmosphere. A specialized emphasis is intentionally avoided. All subjects, including Math, German, Foreign Language, Social Studies, Science, Art and Physical Education, contribute equally to the common goal of a deep and profound education. Interdisciplinary instruction and projects are promoted and developed. Such education should enable students to attend a university of their choice or carry out vocational training. This includes the development and shaping of personal character and values, for example, tolerance, a sense of responsibility, and commitment. A connection to the Berlin universities andother educational institutions, as well as cooperation with various businesses, facilitates learning geared toward the world of working and careers.

This achievement cannot be brought about by simply acquiring knowledge in single subjects. Furthermore, our school procures work strategies and method analysis, which allows students to succeed in more and more complex professional and personal worlds. Participating in contests, consortiums, and targeted scholastic advancement of gifted students also contribute to the development of commitment. Exchange programs with schools in other countries, excursions and field trips, in addition to readings and lectures in the school, are indicators of our worldly perspective. Even the integration of new technologies and media in the classrooms point toward this.

We want to achieve a friendly learning atmosphere in the school through candor, in which decisions are made together and the school body trustingly works together, for instance. The clarity of decisions and reciprocal information are part of this, too. Non-violence, listening, cooperation, and constructive conflict resolution are characteristics of a comfortable learning atmosphere. The school newspaper has a unique capacity here, too.

(Attuned decisionof the School Conference [Schulkonferenz] on May 22nd, 2002).

Report of the School Inspection

The report about the 160 school inspectionsfrom last year and the year before last is finally published. I already gave word internally about the most important results. 19 of the 160 inspected schools are “good schools” with a strong profile and very high quality. The JLG belongs to this group.

In February, 2006, the John Lennon Secondary School volunteered as one of the first schools in Berlin to participate in a Pilot Project School Inspection. You can read the results here.

School Development Report

You can read the School Development Report for the year 2009 here!


Foreign Languages at John Lennon

Foreign languages are a core part of the curriculum at JLG. When pupils start with us in Class 7, they have already been studying English for 2 years. With us, they continue with English, as well as choosing between French and Spanish as a second foreign language. In Class 8, there is the option of taking a third language; either French, Spanish or Latin. In Sixth Form, all languages are offered for the German equivalent of AS and A-Level (3 hours and 5 hours per week respectively).

English Debating

The school year 2011/2012 has seen the introduction of debating in English to the extra-curricular sphere of JLG. Led by our English Language Assistant, Lesley Rankin, the pupils became adept at the World Schools form of debating, participating in enjoyable preparatory sessions for a Berlin-wide competition in January, at which the teams competed honourably, and at which some of our pupils won Best Speaker awards. Those participating feel debating was a fun and intellectually stimulating opportunity to practise English.

International Exchange to Oldham Sixth Form College, UK

For the past fifteen years John-Lennon-Gymnasium has been linked to Oldham Sixth Form College, Oldham, Greater Manchester, UK. A group of students from the 10th class (age 16 or 17) host their partners for a week in Berlin, and rejoin their partners the next week in Oldham. We highly value this connection with this excellent British school, and each year our pupils gain very valuable experience from the exchange. Students make long-lasting friendships, and broaden their horizons in learning about a different country, culture, and way of life. Day-trips are made to Liverpool and Manchester, with time also being spent in the school itself, experiencing the British education system first-hand. The weekend is usually spent with host families in individual cultural discovery.

Extra Promotion of Gifted Students

The school offers, when possible, year-long individual support to gifted pupils. With our support measures, we make it possible for pupils to gain access to grants to renowned universities.

I would like to apply for a place as a visiting student.

In addition to places for students coming as exchange partners of our own students we offer a very limited amount of places for students who apply individually. However, these need to prove that they possess sufficient knowledge of the German language to be able to participate successfully in class.

When you apply, please include the following documents:

  • a letter of motivation;
  • your curriculum vitae;
  • your last two school reports (in English, French or Spanish);
  • a certificate of German as a foreign language on a level of at least B1 on the six-level scale of competence laid down in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Career Orientation

John Lennon High School has been the first Berlin Gymnasium to organise extended cooperation with Daimler Financial Services. We are able to offer many pupils internship positions. We are working to broaden this programme to other Berlin enterprises.

Top Marks for the John Lennon High School

Martin Klesmann

"...The feedback from the headmaster is that the teachers should work in teams. The increased school administration will be varied at timely intervals, in order to achieve as much responsibility as possible. In almost all areas the John Lennon School achieved the best possible mark ‘A’, on a scale from ‘A’ to ‘D’. ..."

How to find us

We are conveniently located in Mitte, Berlin’s central district, less than five minutes away from the buzzing square Rosenthaler Platz. From Rosenthaler Platz, follow the street Weinbergsweg north until you reach Zehdenicker Straße, the first street on your right. Turning into this street you will find our school, No. 17, on the right. It is a yellow building with bicycle stands in front.


By U-Bahn (Subway): Line ‘U8’, station ‘Rosenthaler Platz’. Line ‘U2’, station Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.

By Tram: Lines ‘M1’ or ‘M8’, station ‘Rosenthaler Platz’.

By Bus: Number 240


Bezirk Mitte,

Zehdenicker Straße 17,

10119 Berlin

Phone: +49 (0)30 40 500 1 10/11

Fax: +49 (0)30 40 500 120