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The competition of foreign languages is held each year and addresses young people who do well in English and who love to interact in a foreign language.

You can either join as a solo participant or in a team with 3 to 10 classmates. If you participate in the SOLO program, you will hand in a short video introducing yourself and then you will perform some oral and written tasks on competition day.

If you join with a team – you can get super creative! There is no specific theme that you have to address: You can either create a short film, stage a theater production, invent a board game etc. - as long as everything you do is done in English! The team has three to four months to complete their project and is supported by an English teacher; however, the project requires a lot of self-responsibility from the students. It is your product and you can make most of the decisions yourselves!

In 2018 three teams from the 9thgrade participated in the „Bundesfremdsprachenwettbewerb“ by creating three short films. From the idea to the script, from the storyboard to the actual filming and editing, the students did everything themselves.

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The teams can either win fun theater seminars with other students from all over Germany, the participation in other amazing events or even languages courses in England.

In 2018 one of our teams won a visit to the Canadian embassy with their short film “Rise”! Here they are receiving their price at the award ceremony: CONGRATULATIONS!!

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More information: Talk to your English teacher and/or visit