Experiences - Schülerberichte

Our last trip to Oldham Sixth Form Collegetook place in February, 2010.
Here are some personal stories written by the participants themselves.


It was the first day for us in Oldham and the first thing we did was visiting the Mayor of Oldham. When we arrived there we got to know Jim McArdle and the first Youth Mayor ever - Mohammed Adil. Then they took us to the conference room where we all took a seat and the mayor started explaining about his work and the work of the youth mayor. It was very interesting because we used a microphone to talk to each other. After every question had been answered we went back to his office and we had a nice chat with him while drinking coffee and tea together.  After every imaginable question was answered he asked his helper to bring us all a bag filled with stuff from the Oldham council .  It was very nice to meet the mayor especially the youth mayor, which was very interesting because it was something new to get political things told by a 20 years old mayor. I never thought that this would become so interesting.


On Friday we met at 9 o’clock in school and went to Old Trafford to the football stadium of Manchester United. The weather wasn’t that good - cold and rainy but the stadium was awesome and very big. A guide led us through the area, told us a lot of facts about the stadium and its history. Then we had the possibility to watch an exhibition about the stadium.  Some of us went to the café and had a warm drink. After that we met another guide, who told us something about how it is to work there and showed us a lot of original tricots, shoes, etc., which were worn by football players like Schmeichel and Backham and we may tried their stuff to take some photos. Then we went to Manchester, where we got some free time. So a lot of us went to Primark, a very big store with cheap clothes. At three o’ clock we met in front of this shop and took the bus back to Oldham. Arrived at Oldham Sixthform College our exchange partners waited yet. It was a wonderful day, despite the rain, with a lot of great experiences.

My weekend, by Tom

After finishing school on Friday we all went home for lunch and some tea. At about 6 pm we all met at a traditional English pub but some students did not get served so we decided to go to Camilla’s place to have nice chats and a couple of drinks there. It was an amazing night and we really got to know each other better. The next day began really late. As nobody knew what to do Abbie decided to have a houseparty at her house. It was really, really good and we had a lot of funny conversations & drinks. Sunday was the chill out day and it started with a traditional English breakfast and ended with a great dinner and an interesting movie. All in all the weekend was full of experiences and nice people.

My weekend

On Saturday my partner Yasmin and I got up at ten o clock. We had a fast breakfast and then met some of the other students with their partners at the train station. We took the train to Manchester. When we arrived we went to the mall and did some shopping.  It was interesting because in England the fashion is about half a year earlier than in Germany. We went to many different stores but the main activity was waiting because our group was big and so it was really easy to lose someone.  Later we decided to split up into smaller groups and to meet later again. Yasmin, Jenni, Marta and me had lunch at Nando’s.  We don’t have it in Germany and Yasmin had already told me about it. She didn’t promise too much. I ate a chicken wrap with lemon and herb and chips and it was delicious. After a bit more shopping we took the train home.

After having a very good Indian tea we went to Abbie’s.  Most of the others were already there. We had a drink, played cards and talked a lot. Yasmin and I stayed until half past twelve. It was not possible to stay longer as Sunday was supposed to be a very busy day.

My Weekend by Nina Dolder

I got up and had breakfast with Gabriella, my exchange student. As every day I had porridge and she had crumpets, which are a kind of waffles you put into the toaster. Her dad, Tim, took us to her boyfriend’s house and we took the train to Manchester. It took us quite a long time but we had lots of laughs and had quite a good time. So we three, Gabriella, Matthew – her boyfriend – and I went ice-skating. Although it was very full that Saturday it was fun to spend time with them. Afterwards, we were all very tired; we had lunch on our way back. I had a watercress and egg sandwich. Her dad picked us up from the railway station and brought us back home. We had dinner with him and his girlfriend Mandy and a chocolate orange for desert. Chocolate oranges look like a normal piece of chocolate, but to eat them you have to hit them hard so that they fall apart into thin slices of chocolate which taste like orange. We went to bed late because we kept talking and watching movies. On Sunday Gabriella’s dad drove the three of us, his girlfriend, Gabriella and me to a huge shopping centre, the Trafford Centre. I was quite surprised, but apparently it is normal for English shops to be open on Sundays. Both of us, Gabriella and I had a nice time together, looking through clothes and chatting. We met Tim and Mandy to have dinner in a restaurant in the centre and went to the cinema afterwards. All in all it was a very nice weekend that I’ll always remember.

My weekend by Jonas Brock

On Saturday 27th February  I travelled with my English exchange partner to Manchester by train.

To start the day off we went to a small Vietnamese cafe known as Bubble Cafe. The meal in the cafe was very delicious. After my first experience at the Vietnamese cafe I walked to the Manchester Arndale Shopping Centre to meet up with the rest of the exchange students and their partners, everyone was very excited to see each other, we were laughing, talking, enjoying our day in Manchester. As soon as everyone had arrived, we decided to shop in Primark, a very cheap clothes store, yet very popular. After everyone had bought what they wanted, we made our way out of the store and walked to the food court to buy something to eat. Inside the foodstore there was a massive variety of food, ranging from Italian to Japanese. My choice of food for lunch was KFC. The food was mouth-watering. I ordered chicken wings and chips. Later in the evening we went to an all-you-can-eat buffet in the centre of Manchester.  It was really funny at the buffet with my friends. Finally after we had finished eating we took the train back home.

The second day on my weekend  Sunday  we went to Europe’s largest shopping centre, the Trafford Centre. The buildings were amazing , it was unbelievably huge. The moment I walked through the entrance  I instantly saw the well crafted marble staircase.  During my visit in the centre I explored nearly all the shops it had to offer.

My weekend was really nice. 

My Weekend by Melissa Skarmeta

Finally, after two days of doing different activities with our German group it arrived - the weekend. I had already been looking forward to it, so I was really happy when I woke up in the morning.

After I got ready in the bathroom and ate a little bowl of cornflakes I was ready for a new day. The day before I had planned together with my exchange partner what we were going to do. We decided that it would be a nice idea to go shopping in a big mall. Steph`s dad drove us with his car to a little town called Leeks where we could go to a big shopping centre.  We spent nearly four hours in there. We went to many different shops with lots of nice things, and afterwards we went to the famous Primark. I bought two bags full of clothes in total and it wasn`t even too expensive. After the shopping we were quite hungry so we bought a little snack at Mile’s cookies. We got twelve cookies in different flavours for just a few pounds and they were so yummy that I ate all at once.

When we had finished her dad picked us up again and drove us back home. We were a little bit in a hurry because we had to be at her boyfriend`s birthday party in just a few minutes. We got dressed and left straight away. The party was quite nice; I met many people of different age and moods and ate nice stuff from the buffet.

On Sunday the family had the idea to show me the different villages that were near to their house, up on the hills, so we drove by car to the different places. I took many beautiful photographs in order to show them afterwards to my friends and family. We also went to a proper English tearoom and drank different sorts of teas with some scones, some typical English cakes. On that day it was quite cold and rainy, so it was a traditional English afternoon. Later we went together to an Indian restaurant. I really enjoyed the food, it tasted quite yummy.

When we got home again we made us a comfortable night. We put on our pyjamas and some beauty masks in different flavours and started playing on her Wii. It was really funny; we played lots of different games and just enjoyed our time together. We played until midnight and afterwards we were so tired from the weekend that we nearly fell asleep in front of the screen.

Monday in Liverpool by Jonas Brock

When I got up in the morning at 7.30 I had a typical English breakfast. I had beans, eggs and bacon.

It was very nice. After that we met our partners at the school reception at 9.00. Then we visited Liverpool by train. We visited the Beatles Museum which was very nice. There were a lot of old guitars and stuff like that. It was very interesting to visit the museum because I like the Beatles a lot. Following that we visited the John Lennon Museum which was also very nice. Inside the museum there was a very amazing 4 d cinema. After we had visited both museums  we had two hours in Liverpool for shopping or something like that.  The sun was shining the whole day.  I am of the opinion that Liverpool is a very beautiful city but I prefer Manchester. We arrived at the college at 5.30 and I was very tired.


On Tuesday we made a trip to Manchester.  First we took the bus to the centre of the town and afterwards took the tram to the station next to the Imperial War Museum, our next destination.

We were very impressed by the big building, designed by the architect Liebeskind.  When we went inside, a guide informed us a bit about the history of the building and told us about what we were going to see. First we saw a short film created by the museum which was about children in war. Afterwards we saw the exhibition which was very well made. There were many photographs and objects that made everything more interesting. We also had the opportunity to go to the top of the building and to see Manchester and the river Mersey. It was a beautiful view.

After visiting the museum our group split up and everybody had time to take a look in the town and to visit different shops. Most of us got first a snack and went shopping afterwards, so that on our way back all of us were carrying big Primark bags. We met again near to the bus stop and travelled bag to the college in Oldham, where we met our exchange partners again.

The last day in England

The last day, Lynn woke up and got cereals for breakfast. Then Lynn said goodbye to her host family. In the car she started crying, because she didn’t want to leave them.  Then she was at school and her first subject was psychology. There everybody wrote a short essay about our stay in England. After that we went by bus to the John Lennon Airport in Liverpool. We checked in and had a funny flight to Berlin, where our families welcomed us.

Malou’s day began with chocolate bread and a warm tea. When she got ready she said goodbye to her host mom. They were all very upset. The host dad drove Malou, Camilla and her little sister to school and Malou had to say goodbye to him and Camilla’s little sister, too. Malou attended the first lesson, which was psychology. This lesson was very funny. They laughed a lot. After that Malou wrote a short essay with Lynn. The farewell was very hard for Malou, because she and Camilla had become good friends. Then we drove to the John Lennon Airport in Liverpool. We had a nice flight to Berlin and we all got home tired but happy because of this great experience they had just made.